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What is Acme.erp?

Acme.erp is an ERP Solution uniquely designed for Religious and Not-for-Profit Organisations

  • Acme.erp is a client-server windows application integrated with a cloud-based application for administration and management of religious institutes and NGOs of any size, at multiple levels.
  • It is developed and packaged as an Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Acme.erp is deployed as Head Office & Branch Office Suite. It is hosted in cloud to be accessible by all affected parties.
  • Head Office Suite

    Head Office Suite is a web-based application for generating financial reports from all Branch Offices at different levels. The data from the individual Branch Offices are updated to the Head Office on demand basis or asynchronously (on scheduled intervals). It provides easy access to the financial statements of any Branch Office, drilling down to the level of single transaction. Consolidated reports combining various branches on multiple criteria can be generated.

    Branch Office Suite

    Branch Office Suite is a windows application from a single or multiple terminals. The system can be configured for a single or multiple users. Branch office Application Consists of seven Modules inclduing Financial Accounting, Statutary Compliance(including TDS), Asset Management, Stock Tracking, Payroll Processing, Networking (Donor Management).

Acme.erp Benefits

Easy to Use: It is Created for users who had no formal Accounting Training, So any one who has basic computing skills can use the solution and be an expert.
Ease of Reporting: The ability to Generate Reports as they are needed, enables you to better manage the income and expenses of your organization
Save your Time: Accounting need no longer take up large amount of Valuable time. This is especially important to the NPO members who must allot time for each of the many responsibility they have.
Highly Secure: Secure data management and retrieval. Data can only be accessed by authorized personnel using a unique id and encrypted password.
Affordable Pricing: Acme.erp offers one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and highest Return on Investment (ROI) for enterprise software in the financial sector. Our solutions and services will be affordable for colleges of any magnitude.
Customer Support: BOSCO offers 24/7 customer support to its clients. An expert team of professionals are always on call to solve all your problems as they arise.


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Whom We have Partnered with?

Salesians of Don Bosco

Salesians of Don Bosco

11 Provinces under the South Asia Region

Montfort North East

Society of Brothers of St. Gabriel (Montfort)

Guwahati Province


Sisters of the Holy Cross (Menzingen)

North India Province

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Generalate

5 Provinces

SAV Bala Krishna


SAV Balakrishna Matric Higher Secondary School

Sisters of St. Anne

Sisters of St. Anne Madras

North & North East India

Diocese of Chingleput

Roman Catholic Diocese of Chingleput


Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Vellore Generalate

Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women

Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women

Periyakulam, Theni, TN

Diocese of Mananthavady

Roman Catholic Diocese of Mananthavady


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